Gelato Cafe-treats here on a summer evening


This picture doesn’t seem like much but I love looking at these and reading Moms words about how much she enjoyed her times here.

Moms words:  this is the Gelato cafe that we like to visit on a summer evening when in that area, – this is out front of the Aberdeen Mall, opposite the Starbucks coffee shop in the other image. You can see the Gelato selections reflected in the glass “overhang” at top of image, the gelato is in the clear plastic topped showcase/cooler to the right of the image.

There’s another nice Gelato cafe in the area where my daughter lives, so we visit that one when there 🙂 we “try” to be good and choose the fruit based sorbets & frozen yogurts rather than the ice creams. they are all “oh so good”.

Family-Prom Day-3 Generations


I love this picture. Taken outside my place on my Daughters Graduation.   Both my Gramma and my Mother gone now 😦

moms words: me and some of my family outside my daughter’s home, just before Jess left for the Prom. There are 3 generations here, but my daughter took the photo, so she wasn’t in it, and I didn’t think at the time to get a 4 generation pic of us all together. Jess and her great grandma aged 94, my oldest Grandson Shane, my little sister and me, holding the camera of course 🙂 Didn’t realize how dark my prescription lenses of my glasses go, when out in the sunlight. (they are those transitions lenses that go back to normal when indoors