Boundary Bay Centennial Beach

On January 13 2017, my life changed forever. My sweet Mother was diagnosed with AML.. a very aggressive, fast moving. Type of leukaemia.  She was give 3-5 months to live  😦

My Mother passed away on July 8 th 2017 but this blog is not going to be about the sadness and grief.

My Mother was an avid photographer and even had some pictures published in magazines, but most important was the pure joy and love she found in taking these pictures she was a member of a few photography clubs and a little while ago I found one of them with all her photos.

Even more special is the fact that she left little comments about each picture… like seeing each image and moment in time through her eyes.  Time stands still for a moment.

Moms words posted with this picture were…3rd Sunset Phototaken from Boundary Bay Centennial Beach last evening.  Took our labs for a swim at dog beach there and got these bonus sunset shots a bit later.







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