Hummingbird Reflection

CE0255D1-A745-4140-99D3-260707C4101AThis is such a beautiful picture. Mom loved humming birds. Knew every fact about them that one could know ❤️

Heres Moms words about this picture:

This hummingbird reminds me of a fairy, as it sees its reflection in the mirror ball, on our front patio.
Captured from open front window. The hummer was totally fascinated by its reflection today. On one visit, it spent about 5 minutes hovering right close to the ball. DH noticed it, and I didn’t have the camera at hand, – so rushed to get camera & change lenses and it was still there, hovering around the mirror ball when I returned to the window, so this was one of the first images that I captured. It returned at least 3 more times while I sat there, but didn’t stay as long as the first visit.
We have never had the hummingbirds remain here this late. It’s cooling off quite a lot at nights now too, which is unusual for August.


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