Intricate Sculpted Pumpkin


wow!!  Had no idea what I was looking at first. Lol.   Amazing pumpkin carving!

Moms comment:

this very intricate sculpted pumpkin was crafted by Bruce from Langley, & was on display in the foyer of the hotel we visited last evening.
It is the best sculpting of a pumpkin that we’ve seen.
Bruce found this photo of his pumpkin while surfing today, almost 2 years since I took the photo, — he wrote that the pumpkin weighed about 100 lbs and took 4-5 hours to sculpt.(thanks for the info, Bruce, – coincidence that you found your pumpkin photo here! : ) Alandra (if I still have them, I’ll send you email pics of it if you wish, email me privately with your address)

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