Mom Feeding Black Bear


This picture, although wasn’t taken by my Mother, still has a place in this blog because it was taken by my Father who was killed in a workplace accident when I was 7 years old. It’s a priceless shot.. so thank goodness Pictures Never Die. Mom said she didn’t realize how big the bear was until it stood up on its hind legs.

Moms words:

it was a pastime for residents to go “watch the bears” at the isolated community where we lived in Northern British Columbia, Canada. This is a Black Bear. sometimes grizzlies came there also, but we avoided those.
The man in car had apples, the bear ambled towards us to get the offered apple, – as it got closer, suddenly standing upright on hind legs. My boyfriend/later DH, took the pic. Didn’t realize how tall the bear was, til seeing photo later : ) Am 5′ 9″ tall, which gives you an idea of bears height. Note hand in bear’s mouth. Would I do this again, – who knows – doubt the situation would ever arise


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