Blind Raccoon at Fountain

Mom was sooo compassionate with all creatures. Years and years of Raccoon families, squirrels, and Birds all found refuge in Moms garden 🙂

Moms words:

this blind raccoon came to our fountain area on our front patio for a drink and was also wandering around in the backgarden. At first I thought she had a bit of sight, but after watching her bump into things, realized she’s blind and disoriented, poor thing. She’s looking towards me (in the open window)as she can hear the shutter of the camera. She has been around here for sometime, as I had seen her with a “bad eye” quite awhile ago,- but hadn’t seen her for ages, – but guess she’s venturing out in daytime now, not being able to defend herself when the others are out at night time. They usually only venture out in daylight if there’s something wrong, – or if they have babies that they need to protect at night.

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