Owl Blue Moon

I love this one!  I’m sure I’ve seen this photo circulating around on the web.  Don’t know how as all Moms pictures were just on her photography page.

moms comment:  the parent owl atop the nest tree. The parent flew in with some food for the babies just as we were leaving, so captured a few shots as she landed atop the nest tree. In the original, you can see its eyes glowing red. Not sure if it will show up in compressed version here.
There was one baby in the nest, but it had been out, flying back just as dusk was falling.

Full Moon Through Plum Blossoms


I share a love of the moon with my Mother. Love this picture. I can almost feel the energy from the moon in this photo.

Moms words:

our moon, around 1 AM today. Realize it’s not a great shot as moon shots go, but without an added telephoto lens, that’s all I can achieve at this point. It was so beautiful that I had to make an attempt, despite missing full moon the previous night. And am so happy about the plum blossoms too, – they were a
lovely surprise : ) In the dark, didn’t realize which tree branches were being captured.