Christmas Dog/Ruggles-little Bichon Frise

Just another one of Moms many rescues ❤️❤️

Here is Ruggles, the little old dog that we rescued on Christmas Day. Nobody wanted him, so we took him in. The Yellow Lab “girls” have accepted Ruggles and the Abyssinian cat is getting over it : ) a bit of hissing goes on sometimes LOL.
He’s in need of grooming, but we are leaving that for now, rather than stress him out.
excuse date, but used my old camera and forgot the dates are set to show up on pics.

Snow Falling at Midnight


I love the snow.  It’s true what Mum says about the hush that it brings with it. Something very magical about a snowy night to me.
Moms words:  snow falling at midnight, it wouldn’t stop. 27 November 2006. Went out front to capture some images.
You can see where DH had already shovelled the driveway countless times, and it’s already filling up with snow again 🙂 Plus you can see the snow actually falling in the background, (where it’s darker, up the hill a bit) as well as closer to the camera, plus it’s sortof sparkling in places.
There’s a street light near the end of our driveway, which explains the different lighting on our vehicle and at that end of the driveway etc. You can almost “hear” the hush that descends on everything during a heavy snowfall such as this. Very beautiful but very inconvenient 🙂

1939 Letter From Grandfather


This is so awesome. Letter from my Grandmothers Dad to my Grampa in England the day the war started. My Mom had just been born and my Grampa was in the Navy somewhere unknown. A letter of being brave and getting the task at hand done and family taking care of each other. ❤️❤️
Moms words:  this is a scan of page 3 of a letter written in 1939 by my maternal grandfather, to my dad, who was serving in the Royal Navy, somewhere unknown, right at the start of World War 2. Written Sunday, September 3rd 1939. This is a treasure to me.
for anyone interested, will copy the contents of this page here, incase some might not have been able to read the scanned image:
“But the worst has come upon us, Jack and we are faced with a situation none of us can foresee the consequences. Still we shall all do our duty, come what may, danger and suffering will come upon us all so we must make up our minds to face it, and give our absolute support to those who carry the heaviest burdens and face the greatest dangers. We shall have you constantly in our thoughts Jack, my boy, and be sure of this – Joan will be safe wth us and will be looked after by Mum, you may be sure. So my boy, if unhappily, like many others, you are to be deprived of Joan and the little ones company, we pray it may not be for long. So I will close, wherever you are Jack, may you be spared to us all, and so I will close with Mums, Norah’s love, to which I join myself, So for the moment Goodnight Yours Dad.
(there’s a PS below this) I added a few commas, to make for easier reading.

Dragonfly Jewel


Before my Mom died I didn’t think much of dragonfly’s. In fact they freaked me out a bit. Lol.   After Moms passing I have had significant “ visits” with dragonfly’s and have found a huge love for them

Moms comments:  note the “jewel” on this dragonfly’s back. There were many dragonflies sunning themselves on the blackberry bush today, in our usual walking area.