Snow Falling at Midnight


I love the snow.  It’s true what Mum says about the hush that it brings with it. Something very magical about a snowy night to me.
Moms words:  snow falling at midnight, it wouldn’t stop. 27 November 2006. Went out front to capture some images.
You can see where DH had already shovelled the driveway countless times, and it’s already filling up with snow again 🙂 Plus you can see the snow actually falling in the background, (where it’s darker, up the hill a bit) as well as closer to the camera, plus it’s sortof sparkling in places.
There’s a street light near the end of our driveway, which explains the different lighting on our vehicle and at that end of the driveway etc. You can almost “hear” the hush that descends on everything during a heavy snowfall such as this. Very beautiful but very inconvenient 🙂

Maple Tree Beauty

D7216AF6-B58D-49A9-B14C-832154CCD67AMoms words:  this is the gorgeous maple tree in our friend’s front garden, directly opposite our house. Only just realized this tree was there, so had a great time capturing loads of images of these beautiful red maple leaves “our Emblem Dear, the Maple Leaf Forever”, as our anthem goes.
taken on a foggy day. the cedar tree trunk at the side of this photo is a wonderful tall tree in their garden also