Hummingbird Carrying A Diamond in her feet while Hovering Over the Fountain


Another beautiful hummingbird picture. Mom sure had a talent with these ones. Love her description of the water droplet looking like a diamond. ❤️
Moms comment:  female hummingbird with a diamond drop between her tiny feet, as she hovers above the fountain droplets at our lilypond, front patio.
I love all the diamond drops close to her body also.
Amazing how the wing movement can hardly been seen as she hovers there.
Captured from the farther open front window, with telephoto lens.

Breaking water drop


This picture is pretty amazing!!

My Mom caught this at the perfect moment.

She won contests for this one and this photo was also entered in magazines.

Here are Moms words on this shot:

hummingbird, Rufous Female, breaking the topmost water bubble from the fountain spray with her beak. You can see the spray above and below her beak here : )
captured while sitting on the patio