Gelato Cafe-treats here on a summer evening


This picture doesn’t seem like much but I love looking at these and reading Moms words about how much she enjoyed her times here.

Moms words:  this is the Gelato cafe that we like to visit on a summer evening when in that area, – this is out front of the Aberdeen Mall, opposite the Starbucks coffee shop in the other image. You can see the Gelato selections reflected in the glass “overhang” at top of image, the gelato is in the clear plastic topped showcase/cooler to the right of the image.

There’s another nice Gelato cafe in the area where my daughter lives, so we visit that one when there 🙂 we “try” to be good and choose the fruit based sorbets & frozen yogurts rather than the ice creams. they are all “oh so good”.

What is This?


Mom had so much fun with this picture. Her post in the photography club was.. what is this?  She had sooo many comments and it turned out to be the longest running post in the club. Lol. She answered the question many times but people still tried to guess even a year later.  It makes my heart happy thinking of the fun she had with this❤️

Moms comment:

anyone know what this is? : ).
Okay guys and gals. will tell you what it is. It’s a pattern on a bowl/dish : ) Hard to believe right, as there’s so much depth to it. I should send you a pic of the dish, so you can see for yourselves. LOL.