Battle scarred Momma Raccoon


mom always fed the Raccoons. On one of our summer week long stays at her house my Daughter went out to help Gramma feed the raccoons.  She was so excited when she came in that gramma had let her name one of them and the name she chose was “ Rosie”
Moms words:  here’s the mother of the triplet baby raccoons, looking anxious as she spotted me at the open window (heard the camera shutter) I call her Mrs No Ears, due to the ears being damaged in fights. These images aren’t as sharp as I’d like, due to it being dusk when this family showed up, but thought some of you might enjoy them. They were eating the leftover cat kibble that the blind Mama raccoon hadn’t eaten earlier.

Raccoons in Tree


More of Moms raccoon family 🙂

Moms words:

took this today in our backyard. Note the Mother’s hind feet on the lower branch and the front legs on upper branch! : ) A neighbour’s dog had scared the mother and baby into the tree, so I ran indoors to get the camera. This seems to be a different mama than before, as there is no “notch” in the ears of this one, and she only has the one baby.



Sunbathing Mother Raccoon


Mom loved all creatures. She was an avid animal lover and protector and rescuer of them all. ❤️  She fed all the raccoons and squirrels and birds as part of her daily routine. 🙂

moms comment:

mother raccoon, this is how I found her, but sleeping, so thought something had happened to her initially, but she’s fine. Just tired out from looking after those 3 babies : ) She didn’t seem to care if I took photos, – she just turned her head away, and turned around to face the other way : ) – but if she heard me move, she’d check to see where I was